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Victor Adam Bay Arabian Stallion litho c. 1850.jpg

Sheikh Mahrus

(Sheikh El Araby x Bint Maboubah)


Annalisa Monticello


May 30, 1999

May 30, 1999

Dahman Shahwan

Moheba /Farida branch.

Sheikh Mahrus is the archetype of old true classic type. Small, compact, square: a white dancing vision.

He looks as if he has just emerged from an art work by C.Vernet or V.Adam. He dances as elegant and light as a porcelain Pegasus. When you look at him, you can imagine the sand, the sun and the dances of the winds of ancient desert Arabia. High and arched neck and high and arched tail: as a perfect vision of symmetry.

He always dances near you, on loose rope.

His eyes are huge, the biggest eyes you can imagine, heritage of the immortal Ghazal, full brother of Ansata Bint Bukra.

His ears have an incredible shape: thin, short, delicate, their tips almost touch each other, a splendid inheritance of the noble Hadban Enzahi/Kamel, one of the founding stallions of the Marbach Stud Farm and founder of most Arabian horse breeding in Europe.

His head is exquisite: wide skull, large round jaws, immense width of the forehead, from which it gently curves down into the large and vibrant nostrils, still a legacy of Ghazal. But his head is also a natural inheritance of the Royal Mare Mahameh, the Grande Dame, considered one of the most beautiful broodmares ever born in Europe!

His neck: inserted vertically on the shoulders, naturally arched, a legacy of El Shahwan, worn with pride.

His body reflects the old-fashioned type of ancient war horses: dry, and small, extremely flexible on his back and on his rear legs. This reflects in his movement: great action and freedom of the shoulders, let him moves like a baroque stallion, full of fire, full of rear power but with all the delicacy and lightness of a wild animal.

In Sheikh Mahrus you see the incredible arched neck of El Shahwan, you see the nobility of Hadban Enzahi/Kamel, you see the aura of Ghazal, and finally you see the genetic power of Her Majesty Mahameh.

Sheikh Mahrus has a unique pedigree because he has not crosses with Ansata-Bred Horses or Nagel-Bred Horses, so this stallion is the best solution for mares too inbred with these two breeding programs. Plus, as a drop of gold on a platinum jewel, Sheikh Mahrus has a cross with the marvelous bay stallion El Araby, bred by EAO. El Araby was one of the most beautiful stallions ever born in El Zahraa Stud Farm, but never utilized at his best, caused by his premature death.

His get has very sweet and sensitive characters, compact bodies, no pink spots, elegant and dishy heads. Sheikh Mahrus improves dramatically the carriage of the tail and the size of the eyes. He improves the action of the shoulders and the shape of the hooves too.



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White Ribbon to Germany Licensing Breeding Stallions Award

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