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George H. Laporte, Dark bay stallion held by an Arab groom in an encampment, [o.J.], Sotheby's Picture Library





Defining the Asil Arabian Horse

The desert origin Asil Arabian horse is a "pureblood" horse which traces through generational pedigree to the ancient horses of the Arab people.


For an Arabian horse to be assumed Asil, its pedigree must be exclusively based on Bedouin breeding of the known or historically recognized Bedouin Tribes of the Arabian Peninsula or the deserts of the Middle East.


Desert Origin Asil Arabian horses must be free of any cross breeding to non-Arabian horses.  Desert Origin Asil Arabian horses are of known acceptable origin and are free of impurity.

Preservation Resources & Services

 The Asil Arabian Breeders' Alliance has been working for years on educating the public, and continuing preservation breeding of Asil Arabian horses globally.  If you do not currently follow our Facebook Page, please join for opportunities to participate and learn.  These articles will also be shared on Facebook, but are shareable from the website as well.  If you have a story or article you find of interest for this page, please be sure to send us an email with it attached for review. This is a place for education and community with a global effort to unite, share information, and resources in the preservation efforts necessary at this time.

Use of the Database is free. The Desert Origin Asil Arabians Database is a collaborative effort of dedicated breeders and owners of of the Asil Arabian horse to execute a vision accommodating the current industry needs of breeders, owners, and most importantly, the Asil Arabian horse. The Database will require a login, and the login requires an e-mail and password credentials.  Please visit our Database Login Page to create your login credentials.  

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